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TOBIA - Theology of the Body International Alliance


We are a support network providing resources for those striving to evangelize the world by means of Pope John Paul II's understanding of the human person, explained in his works Love and Responsibility and Theology of the Body. Our aim is to lead every person to an encounter with Jesus Christ.


We currently have over 500 members in 40 states and 25 countries (Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Malta, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Trinidad, and the United States). Members are involved in both studying the works of John Paul II and implementing his thought and theology into various areas of life including ministry with engaged couples, young adults, teens, pro-life work, street evangelization and more. An e-newsletter is sent to TOBIA members with updates on what's going on in the different groups. If you are interested in being involved with a study and/or evangelization group, please see the list below as well as our study group page for places and contacts. Our links page includes websites of some TOBIA members. 

TOBIA Board:

Anastasia Northrop - President - San Antonio, TX
Dave Sloan - Atlanta, Georgia
Jen Messing - St. Paul, Minnesota
Monica Ashour - Dallas, Texas
Peter McFadden - Cold Spring, New York

Spiritual Advisors:

Bishop David Ricken, Diocese of Green Bay, WI
Fr. Roger Landry, Diocese of Fall River, MA
Fr. Thomas Loya, Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Parma

General Contacts:

Marriage Prep / Street Evangelization / Pope Day:
Peter and Anna McFadden - / 646-797-3221

Speaker's Bureau / High School Curriculum:
Monica Ashour - / 972-849-6543

Teens / Pro-Life work:
Jen Messing - / 612-518-5490

TOBIA Information / Study Groups / International Networking / National Catholic Singles Conference:
Anastasia Northrop - / 866-333-6392

Singles Ministry / Dating and Courtship:
Dave Sloan -



Through my travels around the United States with my family's media apostolate OFWC Media (formerly Our Father's Will Communications), I have met many people who are leading study groups on John Paul II's works Love and Responsibility and the Theology of the Body.  We began traveling to record talks on the theology of the body in 2000.  In August of 2002, Jen Messing from the St. Paul, Minneapolis Theology of the Body study group came to Denver to meet with our study group, network and discuss what was going on regarding the theology of the body in the Twin Cities area, and to relate ideas for furthering the spread of the theology of the body. This meeting was sort of a "pre-TOBIA" meeting.  In preparation for her coming I contacted a few other people around the country that I knew had study groups going and were also evangelizing with the pope's message. I wanted to find out what exactly they were doing in their areas so that we could get some idea of the current impact of John Paul II's message in the United States.  My main contacts at that time were Peter McFadden in New York; Monica Ashour in Dallas, Texas; Jen Messing in St. Paul, Minneapolis; and Dave Sloan in Atlanta, Georgia.

In the Fall of 2002, further conversation with Peter McFadden and Jen Messing led to the decision to have a get together in January of 2003. The group in Dallas (TOBET - Theology of the Body Evangelization Team) graciously agreed to host the meeting. 

We introduced our groups and briefly explained what we did in our respective cities. Then we broke out into groups and discussed how we could implement the theology of the body in several different areas including pro-life work, marriage prep, singles/young adult ministry, teen ministry, curricula, parents teaching TOB to their children, and the media. We formed a resource network so that we could communicate with each other in an effective way.

We met again in July 2003 in Denver, at the John Paul II Center for the New Evangelization. This time we had several more states represented. At this meeting we finalized our name and mission statement. Subsequent TOBIA meetings have been held in Atlanta, Georgia (2004), Washington, DC (2005) and Chicago, IL (2006), Dallas, TX (2007), with much international networking continuing at various events since then.

The fruits of TOBIA over the last 11 years are too many to list, but it has indeed grown by leaps and bounds and continues to provide a means of communication and support for those working to spread John Paul II's life-transforming message.

- Anastasia Northrop